Winding Aycan always believe that the first priority to ensure the confidence of customers and make life easier for its customers, in order to increase the alternatives, with many new product and service innovation. Consideration of the future demands of its customers who believe the companies will remain standing Winding Aycan, for the creation of production-conscious companies, believes that people should be informed.

With this belief, its employees and customers constantly aiming to further spread of this knowledge with current information. Since its establishment, the priority of the "people and new technology" that determines the Winding Aycan, will continue to work to improve customer satisfaction.

Winding Aycan, Turkey and the position of the global market, with its continuous development of qualified human resources, and the machine believes sürdürebileceğine. Since its inception, this belief primarily invests in people and new technologies, practices and activities that support the focus on corporate values. Starting from recruitment, all employees reflect this understanding.

Aycan Winding

  • Experience
  • Confidence
  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Expert Staff

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Polyimide Insulated Wire

Winding machine was added in 2012 parkurana AYCAN working with the latest technology with the polyimide insulation machine (polyimide) is applied by melting the coil wire. This has produced far more resistant enamel magnet wire (voltage-pulse-heat) can be manufactured to any size or quantity.



Our goal is to lose excitement of the first day, modern and dynamic companies out structure in the world take our place at any time by adding the accumulated experience. Always produce the best of the best in the future, a pride of being produced Winding `s main aim is to Aycan. Temennilerimizle long-term cooperation with you.